Subjektive Theorien von (angehenden) Fremdsprachen-Lehrenden zu Mehrsprachigkeit und Teamteaching


  • Eva Maria Hirzinger-Unterrainer



In a globalized world, there is a greater need than ever for cross-linguistic and team-oriented education of foreign language teachers that prepares them for the linguistic and cultural diversity in their future classrooms. The Innsbruck Model of Foreign Language Education (Innsbrucker Modell der Fremdsprachendidaktik) has been pursuing innovative paths for over 20 years and tries to take up these aspects in order to prepare students for this multilingual reality, as a mono-lingual habitus is still predominantly passed on in schools and universities. In this paper, subjective theories are triangulated using the example of two students and one teacher in order to elicit the (subjective) impact of education on (future) foreign language teaching.