Motivacija pri učenju slovenščine na lektoratih slovenskega jezika v Gradcu in Kölnu

Izkušnje v obdobju pandemije koronavirusa


  • Laura Fekonja-Fonteyn
  • Tatjana Koren



studying Slovene as a second and foreign language, motivation for studying Slovene, studying Slovene through remote learning


This paper shows the role of motivation in teaching and studying Slovene at the Departments of Slavic and Translation Studies at the University of Graz and at the Department of Slavic Studies in Cologne. It presents the theoretical framework that guides the authors in fostering motivation for studying Slovene when planning units and designing teaching materials, and further lists several technical tools which help nurture motivation and creativity during online classes. The paper also describes the motivation for studying Slovene under current, i.e. pandemic conditions with exclusively online classes. The findings are based on a self-assessment questionnaire from spring 2021, administered to students in various Slovene language courses and lectures at said departments. Based on the analysis of the received responses, the paper attempts to illustrate students’ current willingness to study Slovene and puts forward a few suggestions or rather practical examples which proved effective in maintaining motivation for studying Slovene at different levels of proficiency during class.